Spring Boot

Hi folks! In this post I decided to create a complete flow of a Spring Boot application that demonstrates an upload and a display of an image on the home page. In fact there are dozens of ways to save an uploaded file on a hosting server and handle the names of the uploaded files. Here we are going to adopt a special kind of naming procedure. First of all we will remove non-alphanumeric characters from the file names except those of dots and parenthesis.

In the previous post we built a "hello world" application on Spring Boot. In this post we will be configuring the same application for a database connection.

Every time I want to start writing something about Spring Boot I realize that it will exceed any normal post size if I start describing all the steps in order to build the application from the scratch up to the point where the topic of my interest is.  So finally I came up with the idea of making a demo application as a starting point for my upcoming posts. This way you will also have the opportunity to develop your Spring skills gradually and we will be on the same footing to start from, when building other applications.

The pagination allows us to split the data content list into evenly distributed chunks and represent them as if separate pages, hence the naming. It also gives a user an opportunity to navigate easily through the pages. The best example I can come up with is the Goooooooooogle pagination, when you search something and the search result comes with a previous link, an increasing sequence of 10 consecutive integer links and a next link. Here we are going to create a similar one for a random entity data type using Spring Data JPA.