We humans are inherently lazy. We want to duplicate ourselves so that we don't work. However, our clones will eliminate us one beautiful day and govern the world on their own. I am sure we ourselves did the same to those who wrote our DNA code. Whatever, here I am not going to clone anybody. I only want to automate the boring sequence of commands that I type in my terminal every time I want to build my project, deploy it to any chosen local tomcat server and finally open the deployed application in my favorite browser.

In the previous post we showed how to set up virtual hosts on Apache 2 server to host a PHP application. In this post we are going to be focused on Apache Tomcat Server for hosting JAVA web applications. First you have to download Tomcat from

In this post I am going to show how to set up an apache virtual host for my web project that I am going to use afterwards. For that purpose I am going to use my laptop that runs ubuntu. Every operating system has its own hosts file that is used to map hostnames to not that human-friendly numeric IP addresses. The hosts file allows to configure the domain name system (DNS) locally.